Intro: We Need a Reset

Busy schedules that are too much to handle, relationships relegated to text messages due to our overcommitment, social ladder-climbing as we trying to “get ahead,” unhealthy lifestyles, unhealthy marriages, unhealthy views of self-worth – these are a few things that characterized the world, and many of our lifestyles, a few short months ago.

Week 1: The Call to Abide

The peace our soul so desperately longs for is not found in a church pew, on a self-help podcast, or at the end of our ever-growing to-do list. Peace is found in the stillness and quietness that comes from spending time in God's presence. Join us for a 4-week journey to clear the clutter, get back to the basics, and learn how to Abide in the presence of God!

Week 2: Let The Pruning Begin

When times get tough, we see how much faith we truly have. If we were truly honest, most of us don’t want our faith tested. It’s too uncomfortable. Like a muscle, our faith must be tugged, pulled, and stretched, to get stronger.

Week 3: The Joy of Obedience

Obedience isn’t a glamorous word. It just isn’t. Society sees status and influence as characteristics of greatness, not a person’s obedience. While it may not be glamorous in today’s culture, obedience is imperative in God’s Kingdom.

Week 4: Fruit That Lasts

As believers, each of our lives has a purpose: to bring glory to our Heavenly Father with the fruit of our lives. This means, one of the promised “benefits” of abiding is to have fruit that lasts. As we draw on the nutrients found in God’s presence, we become more like Him, and the fruit of our lives is the evidence!