Dedication & Baptism


Baptism is not an act that gets us into Heaven, it is an act of obedience that should be an immediate part of our acceptance of the gift of grace offered by Jesus Christ.

Per the Bible, the symbolism of baptism (complete water immersion as taught in the Bible) declares that three things happen to believers who are baptized:

  1. They die with Christ to their old self;
  2. They resurrect with Christ to become a new creature; and
  3. They are incorporated in their new life with a living community which waits for the coming of the Lord.

A gentle reminder, baptism is an outward testimony of the inward change in a believer’s life and is not a requirement for salvation.

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There’s an old African proverb stating, “it takes a village to raise a child.” As parents, being part of a loving church family can help you raise your children in the ways of the Lord. Everyone must make their own decision about their relationship with Christ; therefore, Baby Dedications are viewed as confirmation between the parents and the church to raise the child in a Godly way and not a baptism.

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