An Outward Expression of Inner Change

Jordan Anderson, Relentless Church Member

On February 5, 2020 the traditional Wednesday night service known as Pursuit Night became more than worship and Word. The night drew the community closer as believers gained the confidence to be baptized. This moment changed the lives of many and Jordan Anderson, a Relentless Church member, shared his baptism experience with us below:

An Experience in a Journey

Being baptized was an experience I’m sure I’ll replay in my head over and over as I journey through life. As a child, I was baptized but I didn’t have a clear recollection of the event aside from stories my parents shared with me. I’ve participated in many baptismal services and received so much just as a bystander. But to tangibly experience firsthand what I had only seen through my eyes was nothing short of amazing. This profound moment and decision started shifting my perspective on life from the time I signed up. Prior to baptism, I felt as if I was at a spiritual plateau and inner-war with myself all while being sure of my calling. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to carry out God’s plans for me because they would eliminate my comfort and jeopardize my sense of self. However, it was just something about the water, the worship, and the weight of my calling that made me decide to press forward and “dive in.

It’s Time to Quit

For years, I’ve dealt with identity issues that have caused me to display character and actions that don’t mirror my upbringing. Even more, actions and thought paths that don’t mirror who I know I am in Christ. When the turn of the decade came, I made a decision to quit. To quit thinking negatively of myself, to quit doubting who I am, to quit limiting God’s power, and to quit conforming to what’s around me. I knew that if I made it to baptism that all of the hell, self-inflicted and enemy-driven I had put myself through would all make sense. And it did. My life matters and God’s specific purpose for me matters. I’ve never felt more in tune with who I am and how much worth my life possessed until I came out of the water.

I am Ready

My prayer is to never take lightly what God did during that service. Even further, to never take lightly the breath allotted to me to bring glory and honor to the kingdom of God. My prayer is to not let this moment of clear vision cause me to become stagnant and satisfied with where I am. I pray that this outward expression of inner-change produces a harvest that everyone can lean in and benefit from.

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