Finally, and Unbelievably Amazing

Meet Scott and Sharon Capek and their son, Elisha. They are members at Relentless Church. From Wisconsin to South Carolina, their move was pure obedience, faith, and trust. Their journey to South Carolina wasn’t easy, but their desire to obey God outweighed their fears.

Being an interracial couple their past experiences at church weren’t ones a person would expect. A church family that should’ve accepted and loved them instead showed intolerance and bigotry. These experiences left the young couple and their child with unsettling and questionable thoughts. How can one not be welcomed at church? After taking time away from church to heal and seek God, they came upon a video of Pastor John Gray preaching in 2016. 

Fast forward a few years – Relentless Church was founded and to satisfy a part of their desire, the family decided to plan a visit to Relentless Church. In September of 2018, they visited the Greenville campus and were overwhelmed with the welcoming atmosphere and on-time word from Pastor John. Their visit solidified the Capek’s want to move, which happened for them in June of 2019.

Their trip to South Carolina was nothing short of difficult. A normal three-day trip turned into a five-day obstacle course. From having no job solidified to no house to call home. Despite the odds stacked against them the Capek’s pushed through, arrived safely, and haven’t looked back.

Relentless Church is home to the Capek family, and they describe it as unbelievably amazing. “It’s a dream to be accepted and be a part of a vision that relentlessly pursues God” Scott Capek shared. “We are so blessed to have this family as part of our own.” 

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