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Week one

What is the Bible?

This week we dive right in and find out what the bible is and how and why it’s important that we study to read the Bible.  Reading God’s Word must become a daily practice. We all must learn to read and meditate on God’s Word in order to properly prepare to withstand the wiles of the devil and to empower our brothers and sisters as well as ourselves to complete the mission or rather, the commission that is at hand for us as believers.  Find a translation that makes reading and comprehension easy for you and let’s jump in!


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Lacey Ruff

I’m so excited to start this “Growth Journey” with you and look forward to checking back this week to hear what everyone has been learning!

KaMyka Glenn

Pastor Lacey, I’m excited as well!

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April Carter

10/5/20 April C
Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17 Question:
What does this passage of scripture tell you about the Bible as a whole? That the Bible is the expresses word of God given to man through the Holy Spirit.

How is the Word of God described in this passage?
Paul is letting Timothy know that the word “…is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” I think it’s straight forward but you can dive deep and really dissect each word and the meaning behind them. (Let me know if we are going that deep I can write and addendum)

Contextually however, I believe Paul was giving Timothy a standard as to which to judge himself against as well as other Apostles. 2 Timothy was written as a letter from Paul to Timothy encouraging and affirming him to use his gift and the knowledge he had gain from a young age regarding the TaNaK or sacred scriptures to spread the truth of God to all people. It was most urgent for Paul to write this letter to Timothy as there were Apostles spreading incorrect theology regarding the resurrection causing confusion and leading people astray. Paul gave Timothy several instructions regarding how to conduct himself, to stand firm in truth and knowledge, and to give him a boost of confidence regarding his gift and abilities.
Also Paul wanted Timothy to bring his Coat haha, Loves It!!

KaMyka Glenn

Glad to see you decided to GROW with us 🙂 Love you sis <3

Latasha Kearse

This is so awesome!! very excited to dive in and learn about this great His-Story book and letters.

April Carter

10/6/20 April C
Read 2 Timothy 2:15
Question: What steps can you take to ensure that you study regularly?
Reclaiming my time (in Maxine voice lol), scheduling or taking back time to be used specifically, not just for the reading, but the studying of Gods word. Looking up words, getting cultural context, researching the book and the author, getting references from biblical scholars and trusted theologians. Having grace knowing that it might be a 10 minute study session but if I am diligent or make my best effort, which I believe is the best translation of the word σπούδασον, I will gain knowledge and wisdom and since it’s a life long study I don’t have to rush and beat myself up if it’s not hours of study.

Why is it important that we study?
Mostly to spend time with God and get to know him and what he thinks about me and his instructions for life. Secondary to personal growth and relationship I believe it’s important so we can stand firm against the devil and how he likes to twist Gods word and application. Thirdly I think it’s important to be able to correctly reveal the truth of Gods word and be able to communicate that with others for their growth and correction etc. as outlined in 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Lastly I think the level of diligent study also heightens based on the calling on your life and what has been deposited within you as we see Paul telling Timothy in this book. If you know Gods call on your life is to teach, preach, apostle, or evangelize then you have a duty to really dive deep into Gods word and take serious the call on your life thus showing ourselves approved. SN: not that we are not already approved apart from studying 👀

Detra German

April, that’s so true. We should view it as a “life long study”. If not, I would constantly be disappointed with myself for not spending what I would consider “enough time” studying. Thanks for sharing!

KaMyka Glenn

Wk 1: (BP video) The biggest take a way was learning what TaNak was and the background of it.

Devotion Day 1:
What does this passage of scripture tell you about the Bible as a whole?
The scripture overall tells us that all of the scriptures are inspired by God.
How is the Word of God described in this passage?
It is described as a tool to help us navigate through life and is used as a tool to prepare/ equip us for our pre-destined journey, build our character, and teach us the right way.

Devotion Day 2:
What steps can you take to ensure that you study regularly?

  • To participate in GROW
  • set aside time for prayer, devotion, reading the word
  • Be consistent and have an accountability partner

Why is it important that we study?
To gain wisdom, insight, understanding, to strengthen/ deepen my relationship with God, and be closer to God.

April Carter

Read Psalm 119: 8-16
Question: What does it mean to you to have the word hidden in your heart? To really ingest and digest the word so that it becomes apart of you that the nutrients and sustenance become what keeps you moving and going. That it becomes what fuels you and energizes you. I also believe that once it’s digested sometimes it’s forgotten about or hidden and it springs up like a well from your soul your being when you need it the most. That it just becomes the movement the way of your life without you knowing or thinking about it like breathing.

Lacey Ruff

I agree April, I really feel like my hard work (spending time in God’s word) is paying off when I randomly quote a scripture without thinking. Like the 2 Timothly verse from earlier this week. I memorized that in High School, but as soon as I heard it again, it came back to me! ANYTIME we deposit God’s word in our hearts, it WILL come back to our memory and will find a way to come out of our mouths!


This journey is so amazing to me!

Sharon Washington

Monday 10/5 2 Timothy 3:16-17 This scripture tells me that all scripture is inspired Word from God and is useful to teach us what’s true and make us realize what’s wrong in our live. It corrects and helps us do right.

Sharon Washington

Tuesday 10/6 (2 Timothy 2:15) Steps I can take to ensure that I study regularly is to submit myself wholely to God with a desire to know more of Him, set aside time daily to read and study and be consistent. It is important that we study to build our lives based on the Word to become more of the image of God.

KaMyka Glenn

Devotion Day 3
What does it mean to you to have the word hidden in your heart?
To carry it with me in memory where I can reference it in my times of need, to provide encouragement to myself and others, to share the gospel of Jesus throughout the day. I may not memorize everything but keep some scriptures or teachings near mr to recall and keep me on track. Also, it means to stand on the word and believe in it with your whole heart.

Sharon Washington

Wednesday 10/7 (Psalm 119:8-16) What it means to me to have the Word hidden in my heart is that I’m keeping it on my thoughts and mind/ heart to help me with making decision through out may day. Helping me to deter sin.

Detra German

Hi Sharon, yes I believe the same. Having the Word hidden in my heart helps me to stay focused and make good decisions throughout my day. I try to have checkpoints to make sure i stay on track and take inventory of my days at the end of the week. Thanks for sharing.

Detra German


Question: Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17 What does this passage of scripture tell you about the Bible as a whole? How is the Word of God described in this passage?

Scripture: “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” 

Response: This passage of scripture lets us know that ALL scripture should be studied. There are some who may focus only on the Gospels, Old Testament, or New Testament. But all sections of the bible are life to us, including the proverbial, apocalyptic, didactic, and epical sections. Psalm 119 shows this through all 176 verses! There are many teachings we can apply to our lives in a practical sense and so very needed especially during these times as we deal with COVID-19. 

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Detra German


Question: Read 2 Timothy 2:15 What steps can you take to ensure that you study regularly? Why is it important that we study?

Scripture: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

The second part of the question feeds into my response. The first step is to realize the importance of studying God’s Word. I always make time for things that are important to me. For me, God’s Word brings powerful instruction and direction into my life. As we studied on Monday, “all scripture is breathed out by God” so as I read the Word I get the direction and support needed to get through the day, and I also get the other edge of the sword that puts me in my place when I almost get out of line or fall into temptation.      
Although I know the importance of studying, there are days where it’s difficult to get dedicated time with God. With the way my life is currently set up, I hardly have any time to spare during the day (nor night). Currently, I wake up an hour or so earlier than needed so I can listen to motivational speakers and music, exercise, stuff my fat cheeks with food that I don’t need, and chat on the phone with people who aren’t a part of my current goals in life. So there are a few things I can do to get more studying time in: (a) put my phone on silent when I’m studying, (b) fast more often through the week and use that time to study, and (c ) stick to the study plan of this wonderful class. Go GROW! 

Detra German

Wednesday: Read Psalm 119:8-16 What does it mean to you to have the word hidden in your heart?

Response:  As a kid growing up in the church, I always thought this was so silly. How on earth could I hide the bible in my heart? Was I supposed to literally carry the bible around with me? As I grew older, I thought it meant to just make sure I have the “main ones” memorized: John 3:16; Psalm 23; Jeremiah 29:11; Phil 4:13; Prov 3:5; Rom 12:2; Phil 4:6. I’m sure I’m not the only one on this?  Oh and John 11:35 just in case anyone asked what’s the shortest scripture in the bible. I think I’ve only been asked that a few times in life during a trivia game. Ha ha

Then as time progressed, I began to learn what it really means. It’s not just about memorization of the “main scriptures”. It’s about knowing the Word as a whole, how to apply it, and how to explain its importance to others. Nowadays, the opposite is silly to me:  how could I survive if I didn’t have the Word hidden in my heart.    

Detra German


Question: Psalm 1:1-4 How can you plant yourself in God, His Word and your local church to be the disciple that you are called to be and help others?

For starters, recognizing myself as a disciple is key. I must know that I’ve been ‘called’. Then it’s important to develop the mindset of a disciple.  It’s about training my thoughts to be in line with what God asks of me. For example, we wear many hats in this world. For me it’s been daughter, sister, dog mommy, etc and I had to learn how to conduct myself in each role. As a sister, I could voice my opinion, share thoughts and debate with siblings. As a daughter, I knew better than to do any of that.  So now as a disciple, I need to make an inward change to read, study, share and be an example to ultimately help others develop into disciples.

Circle Groups

Hello all. I see that everyone is engaged in the Devotionals and we are having some great feedback there. I’d like to propose a question from the study guide. “What is the value in God revealing God’s self through texts spread out over 1000 years and written by different authors?”

Angie Bright

Over that 1000 year span and multiple writer to me God is saying to us He never changes because even with time and so many writers the message stay the same.

KaMyka Glenn

Devotion Day 4
How can you plant yourself in God, His Word and your local church to be the disciple that you are called to be and help others?
I can read and study the word, apply the principles and teachings to my life, serve the church and others, as well as do things for the uplifting and betterment of the kingdom. In other words, be a living example and the hands and feet of Jesus.

Sharon Washington

Thursday 10/8 Psalm 1:1-4 The way to plant myself in God, and His Word and my local church and be a disciple that’s called to help others is by Reading, meditationg, understanding, thinking on, applying and obeying the Word. Also delighting in God’s presence on a daily bases. This will help me Grow and make me more like and connected to God then I’m able to help others.

Rebecca A Outlaw

What an insightful discussion on Thursday. I am so happy and grateful to be a part of seeking The Heavenly Father’s attention on this wise.

KaMyka Glenn

Devotion Day 5
What is the importance of the Bible, understanding how to properly read regarding your ability to be prepared with an answer?
To KNOW God and to develop a relationship with him so that I can know him for myself in order to be able to share the gospel, disciple others, and stand on his word.

Devotion Day 6/ Challenge
What has been your biggest takeaway? How can you ensure that you are prepare for a daily walk with Christ and to be a disciple? How can you apply these principles to your everyday life? 

  • The history of the bible and where it came from. Also, to know him… to really know him and keep his word near.
  • Be consistent and hungry to learn and grow.
  • By staying obedient, in the will of God, and being a living example.

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