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Week eight

The prophets

The Books of the Old Testament Prophets (aka. Books of prophecy) are concentrated writings used to relay God’s message to His people. They are riddled with dense poetry and wild imagery to express these important messages. For many, reading Prophecy is challenging because they often find themselves both intrigued and confused. Let’s dive into the deep waters of biblical prophecy and see what we discover!


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KaMyka Glenn

Day 1 –  Where was Jeremiah from and who was his father? What was Jeremiah’s purpose and how did he respond to that call? During who’s reign was he called?

  • (Father) Hilkiah (from) Anathoth in the land of Benjamin
  • (was called) during the reign of King Jehoiakim, Amon, Zedekiah
  • Called to be a prophet and set a part
  • He felt he was too young and couldn’t speak on God’s behalf

Day 2 –  describe the declaration in this part of the passage in chapter 7. What problem did Ahaz face? How did God offer to help? What was Ahaz’s reason for refusal?

  • Syria is coming to attack them but God told him not worry because the invasion wouldn’t happen
  • Syria was coming to invade his land
  • Told him to ask the Lord for a sign but Ahaz refused because he didn’t want to test the Lord

Day 3 – What was unique about Ezekiel’s Commission? What did “eat the roll” mean? What does “the hand of the Lord was strong upon me” mean? What does it mean to be a “watchman?

  • “Eat the scroll” meant God gave him the words to say
  • “watchman” meant that when God sent him a message he was to warn the people immediately
  • “the hand of the Lord was strong upon me” meant the anointing was heavy on him
  • Ezekiel’s commission was unique because God knew they wouldn’t listen to him and God had made him with a Harden heart as well.

Day 4 – What was Elijah’s lineage? Who was the king during this time? What was Elijah’s prediction in chapter 17? What did God instruct Elijah to do? What was significant about Elijah’s and Ahab’s interaction in chapter 18? How does Godshow himself strong in this chapter and how does this result in chapter 19? 

  • Elijah was from Tishbe in Gilead (Ancient Palestine) and born in 900BCE
  • Elijah’s father was Savah and mother was unknown
  • King Ahab was king during this time
  • “There would be no dew or rain during the next few years until he gave the word”
  • Gold told him to go east… drink from a brook… eat what the raven brought him… then go to Sidon where God told a widow to feed him… then he asked the widow for food and water and that they would never go hungry… the child died and Elijah asked God to revive him… and the Lord did
  • Chap 18- Ahab saw Elijah as a trouble maker but Elijah spoke truth and then basically challenged Ahab to prove whose God was real and basically Elijah was proven true!
  • God bring fire to wood and tells him to do one more thing— anoint Hazael and jehu, and Elisha to replace him as prophet

Day 5 –  What significant events do you observe in the reading? Detail them in your journal. Specifically, what is the “Day of the Lord” as described in Joel? In light of these warnings and promises prophesied in this book affect your life today?

  • God provides warning that is be told for years to serve as a warning/ foreshadowing (ch 1)
  • Day of darkness of gloom, thick clouds, fire, large army, nothing escapes (day of the Lord)
  • reminds me of present times and to be ready, repent, and make sure I am right with God

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