Week nine

The law - part 1

The Old Testament is made up of over 600 laws. Given the differences in the cultures of the Bible, versus modern day, these laws may seem rote and mundane. However, they are actually a window into the cultural rituals of the times. Understanding these laws, their significance, and the message they communicate, adds a richness to the words we read in scripture. This week, we will dive into Part 1 of Biblical law and further explore the books of Genesis and Exodus. Let’s get started! 


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KaMyka Glenn

Day 1 – How did you feel about the person who gave you those directions at that time?

  • Depending on my rapport with the person, would determine how I would feel. For example, if it was good then I would feel good and wouldn’t have a problem. However, it is was bad then maybe I would be annoyed but would do it anyways

Day 2 – Do you see any correlations to your own life? What land do you need to leave in order to obey God?

  • Trust and follow God even when I can’t trace him. Be obedient
  • Leave some people and things alone. continue to be obedient

Day 3 – What name is used to refer to the people of Esau? What do we see in these scriptures as it relates to the material wealth of Esau?

  • Edomites
  • he had a lot that was too much for the land he had

Day 4 – What events transpired in the call of Moses? How did he react to being called? How did God respond to Moses’ objections? What was Aaron’s role in Moses’ call?

  • (1) God confronted Moses and got his attention with burning bush
  • (2) Lord introduced himself as God of patriarchs and expressed his intent to rescue his people from Egypt and bring the land he promised to Abraham
  • (3) God commissioned Moses to go to Pharaoh to bring God’s people out of Egypt
  • (4) Moses objected
  • (5) God reassured Moses with a promise of God’s own presence
  • (6) God spoke of a confirming sign
  • He was reluctant to the call because he didn’t believe anyone would believe he heard from God
  • God gave him special powers
  • Aaron was the helper to Moses and stood at the side of Moses in the conflict with the Pharaoh and assisted him as a leader in battles

Day 5 – Why do you think God goes into such detail? What were his specific instructions outlined in this chapter? 

  • Use 10 finely linen, decorate them with specific colors, curtains should be 42 ft long and 6 ft wide, etc
  • It’s a special place, a place to reverence God and be in his presence, it’s holy place
Detra German

Monday – Adam is Given Dominion and God sets Parameters. Read Genesis 2
Question: Think back over your life and consider if there was ever a time when you received explicit instructions on a job, in your home, etc. How did you feel about the person who gave you those directions at that time?
Response – For sure, the person was not my favorite manager. I did not trust the person, which made it difficult to follow their instruction. The manager was very wise, but did not know how to delegate in a professional manner. In the end, I left the company not because of the company, but because of the manager. In Genesis, God expected humans to trust Him and live by his wisdom as stated in the video. Instead, the humans wanted to define good and evil for themselves. Our hearts have to be transformed and conditioned. Over time, I learned how to transform and deal with such managers until God tells me to leave. 

Detra German

Tuesday – The Call of Abram. Read Genesis chaps. 12-13
Question: God called Abram to obedience. His instructions were to follow Him beyond what could be seen. God said he would show him a land and make him a great nation and his name great. He did not say He would give it to him, nor did He say what it was or when it would take place. Do you see any correlations to your own life? What land do you need to leave in order to obey God?
Response – I started this process a while back, but there are still some people I need to love with a long handed spoon versus everyday communication. I’m also at a point where I’m praying for direction on my next move career-wise that would still be in line with God’s will for my life. I want to move forward in life, but not so forward that I move out of God’s will. 

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