Meet James Williams from Relentless Reach

Relentless Reach is an intricate part of Relentless Church. Take a moment to get to know a staff member that helps serve the community through the opportunities presented by Reach.

James E. Williams, Relentless Church Outreach & Resource Volunteer Coordinator
James E. Williams,
Outreach & Resource Volunteer Coordinator

My name is James E. Williams and I serve as a Volunteer Coordinator in our Relentless Church Outreach & Resource Department. Our day consists of serving the Greenville Community and surrounding areas with food, clothing, and other resources. What I do on a day to day basis is lead our Reach volunteers, by delegating daily tasks to our Food Pantry and Clothing closet. What we have successfully done was to create a home away from home, so when individuals come in from the community, they let their guards down and let us into their hearts. We have had plenty of salvations and rededications that have happened while individuals waited to be served in our lobby where two television monitors play the weekend’s service.  Some of our clients come in with heavy burdens from their current life circumstances and leave with those burdens lifted off of them, because of the way we loved them.

We have come across people that are homeless, whom I’ve given hope to because I once was homeless, sleeping in my car in Houston and Los Angeles. I always encourage them and tell them that they are looking at an overcomer, so they can overcome. We also receive individuals who are ready to commit suicide because they don’t feel like there is hope left. We are able to break through the walls of their heart and give them hope to keep living.

A Moment I Won’t Forget

One story that stood out to me was a client who came to the Reach department close to a year ago. He asked me to pray that his son would get favor to be released from jail. He came into Reach again on February 19, 2020.  As he was leaving out with his groceries, he looked at me and said, “thank you for praying my for my son, he was released from jail.” We both smiled and celebrated the freedom of his son’s release. He also said his son is now leading devotionals at their home, and he is very engaged in Pastor John Gray’s teaching. He said the atmosphere in his home has significantly changed to a very peaceful one. I believe there is so much power in being present, and being open for God to work through you every day. I believe our presence as a church in the Greenville Community is very vital, because of stories like this man and many more.

Are you interested in serving your community with Relentless Reach? Head over to our serve page to sign up and get involved!

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