Men's Ministry Relentless VALOR

Relentless Valor Men’s Ministry is a community designed to specifically address the needs of men with a Christ-centered focus on authentic manhood and discipleship.

Relentless Strength is a men’s ministry birthed out of the heart of Pastor John Gray, III. Pastor John wanted to intimately connect with the men of Relentless Church by sharing the Word, building authentic relationships, and regularly breaking bread with them the same way Jesus did with His disciples. This has been accomplished by Friday night teachings and eating and watching various sporting events, Saturday morning breakfast, and afternoon golf outings. Stay tuned for a fun-filled calendar of events.


Become a member of our Relentless Strength Men’s Ministry!
Text “Strength” to 864-409-7633

Relentless Strength will meet quarterly in 2021. Dates To be determined.

No, there are times the schedule may change during the calendar year to do some off-campus activities. We will let you know as the schedule changes.

Because Hearts and Valor meet at the same time, but sometimes break-off into separate rooms, services are not streamed.
There are not opportunities to serve. Because we meet monthly, most of our serving opportunities are in support of other ministries and events.


Pastor: Pastor John Gray
Facilitator: Pastor LaMorris Crawford
[email protected]