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Pastoral Care at Relentless Church is dedicated to supporting individuals and families through life transitions and times of need. Our mission is not to counsel or cure but to provide emotional and spiritual care to Relentless Church members and their families. Our purpose as a ministry is to provide hope and care so that no member of our congregation feels alone.

The desire of our heart is to help those in need, share their joys and hurts, while lightening the burden of loss. We face numerous issues including abuse, loneliness, stress, marital infidelity, financial trouble, or conflicts with the family or job. We know that life can be hard at times for everyone including Christians. So, when our family needs advice or to be ministered to, we want to be there to provide a listening ear. In doing this, we operate as an extension of our Senior Pastors and ultimately Jesus Christ our Lord.

relentless thrive

The Relentless Thrive Ministry is here to help equip and empower individuals to live their best life possible through Biblical principles taken from our course curriculum. Relentless Thrive offers classes that will encourage, strengthen, and help individuals to thrive in the knowledge and application of God’s Word which will create a healthier and thriving life. If you are married, looking to be married, separated, divorced or grieving the loss of a loved one, there is a class for you. Whatever stage of life you are in, you are not alone, and Relentless Thrive has a class that will help you take your next steps to a life in which you will thrive.

We don’t just want you to live. We want you to THRIVE while living.


This class is for married couples who want to grow in their marriage relationship while connecting to other couples in a safe and healthy environment.

This class is for engaged couples and individuals looking to become married. You will learn from transparent facilitators who will give you the tools to cultivate a healthy, Godly marriage.

This class is for those who are divorced or considering separation; it is designed to help you pick up the pieces and move forward with life. It will help you determine if there’s a chance at reconciliation.

Grieving the loss of a loved one can be difficult. Grief Share offers a community in which you can grieve the right way and begin to live again.

This stewardship class will help you become faithful with your money, prepare for unexpected moments, budget, and meet your financial goals.

This class is geared toward equipping families with the tools they need to have a healthy and functional family.


Baptism is not an act that gets us into Heaven, it is an act of obedience that should be an immediate part of our acceptance of the gift of grace offered by Jesus Christ.


Baby dedication

There’s an old African proverb stating, “it takes a village to raise a child.” As parents, being part of a loving church family can help you raise your children in the ways of the Lord.



Weddings & Renewal of vows

Hospital visits

At Relentless Church we are relentless in uplifting and loving others. Our elder team is available to visit you when life takes an unexpected turn.

Funerals or homecoming services

Relentless Church homegoing funeral services are designed to provide practical resources to commemorate the loss of a loved one.

Our services are offered to Relentless members, their spouse, minors (18 and under), and their immediate family.

Prayer request

As a member of Relentless Church, you have access to the following:
Weddings or Renewal of Vows, Baptisms, Baby Dedications, Funerals or Home-going Services, and Hospital Visits.

As an attendee of Relentless Church, you have access to the following:
Relentless Thrive offers classes that will encourage, strengthen and help individuals to thrive in the knowledge and application of God’s Word which will create a healthy and fulfilling life.

  • Marriage Builders
  • Pre-Martial
  • Divorce Reset
  • Grief Recovery Classes


Pastor Robert Gray
Director of Pastoral Care / Senior Elder
[email protected]
Office – 864-281-1520 ext. 1227


Elder Lori Allen
Reach Care Coordinator
[email protected]
Office – 864-281-1520 ext.1282|