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Vow Marriage and Family Ministry at Relentless Church is dedicated to uplifting individuals and families through life transitions and times of need, both in marriage and family. Our mission is to provide emotional and spiritual support to Relentless Church members, through sharing the truth of The Holy Bible. Our hope is to bring awareness to marriages so that they understand what God truly intended for them within the marriage covenant. Our purpose as a ministry is to provide hope and care so that no member of our congregation feels alone or unseen.


The desire of our heart is to help those in need, share in their joys and hurts, and meet them wherever they are today. We face numerous issues including, but not exclusive to, abuse, loneliness, stress, marital infidelity, financial trouble, and/or conflicts within family. We know that life can be hard at times for everyone, and that Christians aren’t exempt from these painful seasons. Therefore, when our family needs advice or encouragement, we want to be here to listen and give them the Word. In doing this, we operate as an extension of our Senior Pastors, John and Aventer Gray, and we represent Jesus Christ our King.

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The Relentless Vow Ministry is here to help equip and empower individuals to live their best life through Biblical principles taken from our course curriculum. If you are married, have a desire to be married, engaged, separated, divorced or grieving the loss of a loved one, there is a class for you! Relentless Vow offers small groups and Biblical council that will encourage, strengthen, and help individuals live a healthier lifestyle through the knowledge and application of God’s Word. 

Whatever stage of life you are in, you are not alone, and Relentless Vow is a safe space that will provide the support and encouragement along your way. We are a family; we are your family, and that’s our vow to you.


This class is for engaged couples and individuals looking to become married. You will learn from transparent facilitators who will give you the tools to cultivate a healthy, Godly marriage.

This class is for those who are divorced or considering separation; it is designed to help you pick up the pieces and move forward with life. It will help you determine if there’s a chance at reconciliation.

In these groups we will build strong marriages together through sound Biblical doctrine.

Everyone is invited to this quarterly gathering, no matter what stage of life, love or marriage that you are in. This will be an evening full of fun, music, worship, encouragement and celebration. The current Vow Night series runs through November 1.  More information about Vow Nights can be found on our Event Page.


Pastors LaMorris and Megan Crawford
Marriage & Family Pastors
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Office – 864-281-1520