Mother’s Day Giveaway Winners

Winners of the Mother's Day Giveaway

Courtney Folden_Denise Folden_Pic[3947]

Courtney Folden

Written By: Denise Nicely

The Best Mother, From a Mother’s Eyes

The moment you become a mother, your whole world seems to become just a little bit smaller…and that much more important. Then, in the blink of an eye, your whole world, your own daughter, becomes a mother.

This is the story of a mom who is beautiful, loving, generous and strong. My daughter, Courtney Shaw Folden, gave birth to my granddaughter, Saylor Rose Folden on February 11, 2015, with her husband, Brian, by her side. A few days later, Courtney was diagnosed with breast cancer…


Alisha Miles

Written By: Xavier Miles

Hello, I would like to submit my wife for the Mother’s Day giveaway she is an amazing woman. She’s done amazing things for our family, being married to a military member she has shown resilience. When her faith has been tested and we’ve had to pick up our lives up and move across the country to a new area she’s shown her grace and her patience and put things right back to where they were. My wife has done an amazing job raising our two children and doing a lot of raising a husband who hasn’t always been prepared to accept his calling…


China Reed

Written By: Kaden Reed

A Mother, My Mom!

A mother is caring and is always looking out for her child.

 A mother is love, a mother who loves you so much that she would do anything for you.

Remember the phrase “I love you to the moon and back?”

A mother is helpful, how do you think you learned your ABC’s?

A mother is funny, so you have to know at least one joke.

Honorable Mentions


Lisa Basnight

Written By: Elisha Basnight


Astrid Brown

Written By: Adrienne Perea

mom_and_i_Rosalie Looper_JanetGadd[3950]

Rosalie Looper

Written By: Janet Gadd

EmmaLucas_Donna Gash [3952]

Emma Lucas

Written By: Donna Gash

CherylMagby_Khamani PhilpottsPic.pdf[3955]

Cheryl Magby

Written By: Khamani Philpotts

Rebecca Smith_LindsaySimpson_Pic[3961]

Rebecca Smith

Written By: Lindsay Simpson

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