Relentless Church accepting donations to help Hurricane Ida survivors in Louisiana

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – Relentless Church is stepping up to help Hurricane Ida survivors in Louisiana. The church is accepting donations to ship to those in need.

We spoke with Pastor John Gray Wednesday afternoon and he said “we already have two of our Elders on the ground.”

Gray says it’s imperative they to help those who are experiencing such a vulnerable moment in their lives.

“With no power for weeks, no water, no ability to get necessities — we needed to be immediately boots on the ground,” he said. “And as a church that has members in that region, they need to know that they’re not alone in a time of crisis. We’re not just a church that people watch online.”

We asked if he had any personal connections to Louisiana.

“I’ll always have a part of my heart in New Orleans because I served a ministry there. The area, the people are so unique — it’s a critical place,” Gray said.

While this mission to help others is important, it’s not one Relentless is doing alone. We found out they are partnering with a church out of New Orleans and another out of Hammond to get donations to those in need.

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