Relentless Church Partners with Safe Harbor

Donations made as part of Relentless Reach outreach program

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide relief to communities in need during the coronavirus pandemic, Relentless Church partnered with Safe Harbor to donate meals to survivors of domestic abuse.  Safe Harbor is a non-profit organization that offers a continuum of services for survivors of domestic violence and their children in Greenville, Anderson, Pickens and Oconee counties. Relentless also donated supplies to a senior residential center. Items donated included disposable underwear, bed liners, and more. 

“During this difficult time, Relentless Church is committed to assisting the most vulnerable among us,” said Pastor John Gray. “As a church, we believe in supporting our community and the Upstate region and these donations are part of our effort to provide ongoing resources to local organizations. As we continue to navigate this economic downturn together, Relentless will remain at the forefront of providing critical resources and financial support to those in need.”

Both donations were made under the Relentless Reach program which exists to serve the needs of under-resourced members of the church and the Upstate region. The program provides food, clothing, toiletries, tax preparation and other services through their Weekday Resource Center. 

Last month, Relentless donated more than $30,000 to church members who continue to face financial difficulty during the coronavirus pandemic.  During a sermon about Intentional Generosity, Pastor Gray informed members of the congregation that the offering baskets that are typically used to collect donations for the church were instead being used to provide donations to church members in need.

To make a donation to Relentless Church and the Relentless Reach Program, please visit, or donate via Cash App at #Give2Relentless or Venmo at Give2Relentless. 

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