Relentless Church Provides Thousands of Dollars in Relief to Residents of Houston, Texas

Fulfilling its commitment to help those in need, Relentless Church traveled to Houston, Texas last week to provide food, water and plumbing supplies to residents impacted by the Texas Winter Storm. Through the support of online donations, Relentless Church partnered with local organizations in Houston including Trae the Truth and Relief Gang, 3TheHardenWay, and the Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation. In total, more than $45,000 worth of plumbing supplies and services were donated along with 200 pizzas, and more than 10,000 water bottles.  

“In the midst of one of the most devastating weather events in Houston, Texas, we called on the Relentless Church community and they did not hesitate to answer the call to help those in need,” said Pastor John Gray.  “Pastor Aventer and I are overwhelmed at the support we received to provide critical resources and supplies to those still without plumbing, water and electricity in Houston.  The City of Houston holds a strong place in our hearts, and we will continue to partner with local organizations to ensure that the City and region make a full recovery.  This is the legacy of Relentless Church.”

All donations and supplies were mobilized in less than a week.  Pastors John and Aventer Gray traveled to Houston, Texas with members of the Relentless Church family and immediately began to work with local partners on the ground to distribute supplies and meet with individuals and families affected by the winter storm. 

Last month, Relentless donated more than $30,000 to church members who continue to face financial difficulty during the coronavirus pandemic.  During a sermon about Intentional Generosity, Pastor Gray informed members of the congregation that the offering baskets that are typically used to collect donations for the church were instead being used to provide donations to church members in need.

To make a donation to Relentless Church for relief efforts in Houston, Texas, please visit, or donate via Cash App at #Give2Relentless or Venmo at Give2Relentless. 

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